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Academies Scholarship Fund

Essay Theme: 

How my education at John Adams Academy changed me.

In accordance with our eighth Core Value of an Abundance Mentality, the Foundation Board is pleased to announce that with the continued support of our community and fundraising efforts, the Academies Scholarship Fund has increased the amount awarded to the essay scholarship winners this year to assist in their pursuit of higher education.

The Foundation supports and encourages all Academy scholars to embrace the American Classical Leadership Education model of creating great citizens and noble souls who seek truth, are schooled by wisdom, and have the virtue to act on that wisdom. Truth, virtue, and wisdom embody servant leadership, which is pursuing causes greater than self – the very heart of the John Adams Academy mission.
With this in mind, all senior scholars choosing to participate will be asked to submit an essay sharing:

"How my education at John Adams Academy changed me."

The Foundation board members will select the best three essays across ALL campuses. The best essay will be awarded a $1,500 scholarship, followed by $1,000 for runner-up and $500 for third place. These scholarships should be applied toward scholars' continued education and growth, but we emphasize that this can include models and programs other than traditional colleges or universities.


We intend to award these scholarships each year, so we request that any parent, grandparent, or other friends of John Adams Academies consider donating to this scholarship fund. Hopefully, the scholarship fund will grow over time, so the size and number of scholarships will increase and stay in perpetuity. 

All donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your charitable contribution.   If you have questions regarding the scholarship fund or philanthropic gifts, don't hesitate to contact Kimberly Martin at 916-938-1601.

We appreciate all the support from people like you who advocate the heritage of American truth, virtue, and wisdom.




John Adams Academies Foundation Board

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2024 Senior
Scholarship Recipients

Senior  Scholarship Recipients: 2024  |  2023

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